• Is edyusaurus a registered university or school?

    We are - An online education service provider offering courses independent of any organisational authority.

    We are NOT - a registered university and affiliated to any school.

  • Are we affiliated with any educational institution or organisation?

    Edyusaurus is an independent entity which is a part of Iyerrtronics Pvt. Ltd.

  • Do we provide an educational certificate?

    We only provide course completion certificate. The certifcate is only for record purposes and cannot be used as a degree certificate or any academic certificate.

  • Payment Options?

    We accept payments only in Australian Dollars. Payments can be done via. PayPal or Stripe.

  • What if I am unhappy with the course?

    It’s an experience we do not want you to have. We have worked very hard to build our course and have done a great deal of research to make it as informative as possible. When you sign up for the course, you have to understand that since it is digital you get access to the entire course. Hence, refunding the amount won’t be possible for us. But, we can credit you the amount which will remain with us and you can access some other course in edyusaurus of the same value.

  • GST?

    All prices include GST in it.

  • What Currency?

    All Payments are in Australian Dollars.

  • Do we have unlimited access to the course?

    Some courses have unlimited access.