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  • How are edyusaurus course content structured?

    Each course consists of Multiple Chapters. Each chapter consists of multiple lessons/Topics in the format as listed below:-
    - Video presentations
    - Audio Presentations
    - Coding Videos
    - Whiteboard teaching
    - Example videos
    - Project Videos
    - Coding & Build Tasks / Quiz
    - Online 1 on 1 session of at-least 90 Mins

  • Student accessibility of course content

    Unlimited Access. Our courses are designed to make sure student get 100 % understanding of the topics. Hence we do not encourage students to binge watch all the videos to complete the course.

    Some courses follow drip release of course content, 2 to 3 chapters are released depending on the number of topics in each chapter and difficulty level to students every week.

  • Is support available to students?

    Yes. Some lessons provides students access to a discussion panel within the course player which can be used to ask questions or to start a discussion with the instructor related to the lessons.

    Each course provides Students with an opportunity to have a at-least 90 mins of 1 on 1 online session via zoom.

  • Are lessons, Task and quizzes compulsory?

    Some lessons and tasks act like prerequisite . Quizzes are compulsory and students need to score at-least 75% in order to be able to proceed to next lesson.

    Prerequisite videos require 75% completion of the video

  • Certificate of Completion

    Certificate of Completion will be provided to students who meet the following requirements:-
    - 75% completion of all prerequisite lessons.
    - 75% or more score in all the quizzes.
    Successful completion of all tasks & Projects.

  • Age Group

    Most courses are designed for all age groups starting 10. For students below 16 adult supervision is required.

  • Our Location

    Australian eLearning portal, Instructor based in Melbourne.

  • Course Structure

    How edyusaurus courses are strutured

    • Chapters & Topics - Each course is divided into multiple chapters which cover multiple topics/lessons

    • Topics/Lessons in the format as listed below:-
      - Video presentations
      - Audio Presentations
      - Coding Videos
      - Whiteboard teaching
      - Example videos
      - Project Videos
      - Assignments / Tasks / Quiz
      - Online 1 on 1 session of total 90 Mins

    • Quiz - At the end of most chapters student are required to complete mandatory quiz, the passing percentage for which is 75%.

    • Assignments - Most chapters have a mandatory assignment or to be completed by students. Assignments will be reviewed.

    • Examples & Projects - Courses contain multiple coding examples, mini projects and large projects.

    • Course Completion - At the end of each course students are expected to complete a project task as well as a final quiz.

    Lesson Types

    What type of lessons to expect in the course

    • Presentation Videos

    • Coding Videos

    • Whiteboard teaching videos

    • Audio Presentations

    • Reading Lessons

    • Project Videos

    • Quiz & Assignments

    • Multiple online sessions of total 90 minus via zoom


    Access the On-lesson discussions through the badge that appears on each lesson that has discussions enabled. With this students can ask any questions to the instructor or leave comments related to the topic. Engage in a healthy discussion with your instructor.


    Interact with your instructor or other students outside the course through written posts and comments. Community is like Facebook groups. Improve your technical writing skills and share your knowledge by creating posts relevant to the topics related to the course or any other technical topic related to courses subject that interests you. Get into healthy discussions with fellow learners through comments.