Edyu Who?

Edyusaurus is an Australia based online educational portal. It is a part of Iyerrtronics.com, a consulting firm based in Melbourne. 

Edyusaurus develops and offers courses in Mathematics, Science and Technology which learners can study at their own pace, wherever you are.  We understand that there’s no age bar for learning, hence our courses are structured in such a way that learners get access to content via video tutorials, presentations, tasks, case studies, practice examples etc. 

Our aim is to provide you with a platform which will enable them to develop a deeper interest in technology and the possibilities it provides. 

Why Edyusaurus?

We are not fans of quick fixes or crash courses. We are committed to building long-term relationships with our students. Our goal is to help students develop and maintain skills. 

Learning is a constantly evolving process. We do not overwhelm students with content all at once, but rather release valuable content over time. There will be no extravagant discounts or marketing ploys. Simply put, this is a fun and easy learning experience.

 We are, indeed, online, but with a personal touch. Rather than just a certificate, our courses are designed to help you develop real-world skills. A practical approach is used, with numerous assignments, tasks, quizzes, and mini-projects to help you assess your skills, as well as easy access to the instructor.

Hi there! I'm Rakesh, and I'm pleased to have you here.

I am the founder of Edyusaurus as well as the Full stack developer and course content creator.

Learning is more enjoyable when you can build something while studying. The concept behind edyusaurus was to create an elearning portal where learners could learn at their own pace and communicate with instructors for a more in-depth learning experience. Each course includes assignments, quizzes, and projects that are intended to provide you the chance to evaluate your skills and expose you to real-world situations.

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