Edyu Who?

Edyusaurus is an Australia based online educational portal. It is a part of Iyerrtronics.com, a consulting firm based in Melbourne. 

 Edyusaurus develops and offers courses in Mathematics, Science and Technology which the students can study at their own pace, wherever they are.  We understand that there’s no age bar for a student, hence our courses are structured in such a way that you’ll get access to content via video tutorials, presentations, tasks, case studies, practice examples etc. 

 Our aim is to provide students with a platform which will enable them to develop a deeper interest in technology and the possibilities it provides. 

Know our faculty


Rakesh Iyer

Rakesh Iyer is the founder and teacher at edyusaurus. He holds a masters degree in Electrical Engineering with specialization in telecommunication from the University of Massachusetts, Lowell, USA. He has worked in the IT industry in India and Australia as a programmer and a project lead. He has experience in development, training and project management in the field of information and communication technology. His interest in teaching began when he coached a young student in Matlab, he later took up teaching project-based courses in robotics to many other students. His part-time teaching experience led to the creation of edyusaurus to coach students across all ages in AI, Robotics, Matlab and other emerging tech at their own pace.