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What you'll learn

  • Programming basics, Coding using Matlab, Design & Build Systems using Simulink Block Library, Perform Simulations & Visualise data , write codes, testing & debugging of code, Implementing functions, plotting and analysis of data using Matlab

  • Key engineering concepts such as encoders, I2C communication, PWM signals and LiPO batteries.

  • Build circuits using electrical components such as LIPO batteries, Sensor modules, DC Motors, building robotic models using Mechanical components such as Nuts & Bolts, Shaft collars,& Magnets..

  • Perform experiments, Develop, Download & Run code on Arduino board, Design systems, Perform simulations

  • Build Arduino based Robotics, Apply concepts of Geometry, Physics, Symbolic Math, Image processing, Control Systems, Symbolic Math, Image Processing & Instrumentation and many more to make the Robot Functional & Automated from Start to Finish.


  • Computer / Laptop - We use Apple systems, Don't worry you will still get help if you use windows systems. We love apple & windows system equally. 🖥

  • You will need to purchase Arduino Engineering Kit REV1 or REV2 & Arduino Starter Kit (optional) . You can also purchase similar electrical components from any hardware store but Arduino Boards and Arduino specific components can only be purchased from Arduino. We recommend to at least buy 1 engineering Kit for mechanical components. We will email you list of boards & components required in separate email after enrollment. 🤖

  • Matlab®/Simulink® Software, Arduino IDE. Don't worry we will show you how to install both IDE.

  • You will need following Toolboxes: Control System Toolbox™, Curve Fitting Toolbox™, DSP System Toolbox™, Image Processing Toolbox™, Instrument Control Toolbox™, Optimization Toolbox™, Signal Processing Toolbox™, Simscape™, Simscape Multibody™, Stateflow®, Symbolic Math Toolbox™.

Course Description

Since this course involves use of electrical components, Adult supervision is required for underage students.

At the end of this course students will be able to write programs using Matlab and build models using Simulink. Students will learn to build circuits using electrical components and build robotics models with those circuits and mechanical components.

This course is a one stop destination to learn programming using matlab & concepts of Arduino. Matlab is widely used by researchers and academics not only in Robotics field but also in various other fields such as medical, communication, biotech etc. Arduino plays an important role in AI what with plenty of products and learning kits and resources readily available making learning easy for building skills in robotics field.

With this course you will be able to use arduino and electrical components to build prototypes and make it functional using Matlab.

Course curriculum

This section gives you an overview on what topics to expect in this course.

  • 1


    • Thanks for Pre-Enrolling

    • Course Details

    • Before you begin..

  • 2


    • Welcome to the Course

    • How to use this course

  • 3


    • Matlab Introduction & Installation

    • Matlab IDE / Desktop Basics

    • Variables, Datatypes & Operators

    • Arrays, Vectors & Matrices

    • Conditional Statements & Looping

    • Scripts, m-files & Functions

    • RAMS Quiz - Matlab Basics

    • RAMS- Assignment - Matlab Basics

  • 4


    • What is Simulink?

    • Concept & Accessing Simulink

    • Simulink Libraries

    • Blocks & Signals

    • Building Models & Systems using Simulink

    • RAMS - Quiz - Simulink Basics

    • RAMS Assignment - Simulink Basics

  • 5


    • Introduction

    • Control Systems Toolbox

    • Image Processing Toolbox

    • Curve Fitting Toolbox

    • DSP System Toolbox

    • Image Processing Toolbox

    • Instrument Control Toolbox

    • Optimization Toolbox

    • Signal Processing Toolbox

    • Simscape

    • Simscape Multibody

    • Symbolic Math Toolbox

    • Robotics Systems Toolbox

    • RAMS Quiz - Matlab Toolbox

    • RAMS Assignment - Matlab Toolbox

  • 6


    • Sensors & different types of Sensors

    • Motors & different types of Motors

    • Circuits, Resistors, Capacitors & Inductors

    • Laws - Ohm's Law & Kirchhoff's Current Law

    • Serial Communication

    • I2C Communication

    • Microprocessor & Microcontrollers

    • Addressing Modes & Interrupts

    • Diodes

    • Transducers

  • 7


    • Arduino Engineering Kit - Introduction

    • Arduino Engineering Kit - Rev1

    • Arduino Engineering Kit - Rev2

    • Arduino Uno

    • Arduino MKR1000

    • Arduino MKR Motor Shield

    • Arduino MKR IMU Shield

    • Arduino Nano 33 IoT

    • Nano Motor Carrier

    • RAMS Quiz - Arduino

    • RAMS- Assignment - Arduino

  • 8


    • DC Motors

    • DC Motors with Encoders

    • Micro Geared DC Motor with Encoders

    • Standard Micro Servo

    • Hall Sensor Module

    • Ultrasonic Sensor Module

    • Webcam

    • Lipo Battery

    • Module Cables

    • Mechanical Components

    • Additional Equipments & Components

  • 9


    • Support package installation for arduino in Matlab

    • Arduino Setup & Configuration for Matlab

    • Connecting to Arduino board using Matlab

    • Scripting, Downloading & Running the code on Hardware

    • Examples

    • RAMS Quiz - Matlab & Arduino

    • RAMS- Assignment - Matlab & Arduino

  • 10


    • Install Arduino Hardware Support

    • Configuration & Settings

    • Simulink Library / Blocks for Arduino

    • Communicating with Arduino using Simulink

    • Modelling process with example

    • Deploy & Run on Hardware

    • Device Driver Blocks

    • Simulink Examples with Arduino

    • RAMS Quiz - Simulink & Arduino

    • RAMS- Assignment - Simulink & Arduino

  • 11

    Arduino IDE

    • Installation & Setup

    • Explore Arduino IDE

    • Arduino Programming Concepts

    • Arduino Functions

    • Examples

    • Connecting to Arduino Boards

    • RAMS Quiz - Arduino IDE

    • RAMS Assignment - Arduino IDE

  • 12

    Arduino Projects - using Engineering Kit Rev1

    • Project 1

    • Project 2

  • 13

    Arduino Projects - using Engineering Kit Rev2

    • Project 1

    • Project 2

  • 14


    • Project Task

    • AAMS Final Exam

  • 15

    Course Completion - Congratulations

    • Congrats! Here's what's next...

    • More resources for you

    • Copy of Before you go...

Bonus material

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Who should enroll

Our courses are designed for the people who enjoy learning new technologies & who would love to learn and educate themselves in a fun and engaging way

  • Who are interested in or are already pursuing a career in the fields of Robotics, Electrical Engineering or Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering

  • Hobbyist who have keen interest to learn about new technologies and build things using those technologies

  • Who love programming, pursue career in Information Technology, Computer Science or Embedded Programming