What you'll learn

Arduino, Programming, Robotics, Arduino Starter Kit, Arduino MKRIoT Bundle

  • How to use Arduino IDE, Basics of Programming using C/C++, Embedded Programming, Embedded development process

  • How to write sketches , how they work, how to upload them and how to debug and test them

  • Functions - I/O, Trigonometric, Math, Interrupts, Communication; Arduino data types, constants, data conversion, Scope of a variable ; Loops, Control Structure, Operators

  • Installing Libraries, Using libraries in your sketches, Writing your own libraries, MKR1000 Library, Standard Libraries

  • Coding examples, basic tasks using arduino board & components,

Course curriculum

Video Lectures • Presentations • Projects • Assignments • Quiz • Multiple Online Zoom Session's with instructor

    1. Welcome Message from Instructor

    2. Course Details

    3. Course Instructions

    4. Before you Begin...

    1. What is Embedded System?

    2. Basic Structure of Embedded System

    3. What is Embedded programming? What are the steps involved in Embedded Development Process?

    4. Applications

    5. Conclusion

    6. Quiz - Embedded System

    1. C Programming - Introduction

    2. Variables & Constants

    3. Data Types, Keywords & Operators

    4. Format Specifiers, Escape characters

    5. Control structures

    6. Conditional statement examples

    7. Loops Examples

    8. Functions

    9. Arrays & Pointers

    10. Arrays & Pointers Example

    11. Assignment - C Programming

    12. Quiz - C Programming

    1. Object Oriented Programming

    2. C++ Introduction

    3. C++ Basic Code - Structure code download

    4. C++ Classes & Objects

    5. C++ Inheritance

    6. C++ Polymorphism

    7. C++ Overloading

    8. C++ Data Abstraction & Encapsulation

    9. Interface - Abstract Classes

    10. Assignment C++ Programming

    11. Quiz - C++ Programming

    1. 20 - 30 mins 1 on 1 zoom session with instructor

    2. Questions?

    1. Introduction to Arduino IDE

    2. Structure of an arduino sketch

    3. General Syntax

    4. Arduino Programming

    5. Arduino Hardware

    6. RBA Assignment - APC

About this course

  • $179.99
  • 101 lessons
  • 2.5 hours of video content
  • Unlimited Access
  • Drip based course
  • 90 min total 1-on-1 zoom session with instructor


Passion for engineering, Enjoy learning, Dedication

  • Computer / Laptop - Windows, Mac or Linux 🖥

  • Arduino Starter Kit and Arduino MKR IoT Bundle. Boards & components listed in above two links can be purchased separately online or at a local electronic shop 🤖

  • Tools: a multimeter, a soldering iron and solder, wire cutter.

  • Download Arduino IDE from Arduino Website.

Course Description

Code, Debug, Test & Deploy

This course is designed for students who want to learn the concepts of programming using C/C++ and Arduino. By the end of this course you will have gained understanding on concepts such as variables, operators, conditional statements & loops. You will be able to write sketches , upload it to arduino board and test them, You will be able to write your own libraries and use in built functions in your code.

You will learn to operate arduino boards and electrical components such as motors, led's, sensors using arduino boards and coding. This course uses Arduino UNO & Arduino 1000 board and components that come along with MKR IoT Bundle & Arduino starter kit. Students can either buy the purchase the kits on arduino website or can purchase the boards and components separately whichever way suits best.

Knowledge or prior exposure to topics covered in below courses

Who should enroll

Enjoy coding & building, Love science & technology

  • Age group : 10+; Adult supervision required for students below 16

  • Who have interest or want to pursue career or already are pursuing a career in engineering field.


Queries related to course

  • How is the course content structured?

    lessons/Topics in the format as listed below:-
    - Video presentations
    - Audio Presentations
    - Coding Videos
    - Whiteboard teaching
    - Example videos
    - Project Videos
    - Assignments / Tasks / Quiz
    - Online 1 on 1 session of total 90 Mins

  • Student accessibility to all course content?

    Our courses are designed to make sure student get 100 % understanding of the topics. Hence we do not encourage students to binge watch all the videos to complete the course.

    We follow drip release of course content, 1 to 2 chapters are released depending on the number of topics in each chapter and difficulty level to students every week.

  • Instructor support availability?

    Yes. Some lessons provides students access to a discussion panel within the course player which can be used to ask questions or to start a discussion with the instructor related to the lessons.

  • Are quizzes compulsory?

    Yes. Students need to score 75% in each quiz.

  • Are Assignments compulsory?

    Yes. After completion of assignments student need to upload the assignments as per the instruction included with assignment questions. Assignment will be reviewed within 5 business days. Students will be able to access the next chapter after successfully uploading the assignment.

  • Are all lessons compulsory?

    All prerequisite lessons will be highlighted within the course content.

  • Certificate of Completion

    Certificate of Completion will be provided to students who meet the following requirements:- 1. 75% completion of all prerequisite lessons. 2. 75% or more score in all the quizzes. 3. Successful completion of all assignments & Projects

  • Age Group

    10+. This course is designed for all age groups. For students below 16 adult supervision is required.

  • Our Location

    Australian eLearning portal, Instructor based in Melbourne.

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