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What you'll learn

  • Basic programming concepts like variables, data types, operators

  • Looping , conditional statements

  • Mathematical concepts like matrices, vectors, their operations and applications

  • Handling input and output, how to write a code, scripting

  • Math behind matrix operations


  • Computer / Laptop

  • Matlab® software. Click here to download

Course Description

At the end of this course you will be able to write small scripts by implementing basic programming concepts. This course provides exposure to basic programming concepts required to start development career in Matlab Programming.

With this course you also get an opportunity to work on building your analytical and problem solving skills along with basic mathematical skills which lays down the foundation of various engineering fields.

This course gives you exposure to ample of examples and also provides you with an opportunity to learn in a project based methodology.

Course Curriculum

Each chapter gives you an overview on what to expect in the course. Some topics could be divided into multiple lessons to accomodate all the content.

  • 1

    Before we begin ...

    • Thanks for Enrolling

    • Course Details

    • Before you Begin...

  • 2

    Welcome to the Course

    • A Message From Instructor

    • How to use this course?

  • 3

    Matlab Overview

    • What is Matlab? How is matlab useful in Industries?

    • Matlab IDE/ Desktop - Overview

    • Exploring files in Matlab using Current Folder panel

    • How to use Command Window? Why is CLC command used? How to access history of commands in Command Window?

    • What is Workspace? What is Clear Command used for?

    • Desktop Basics Summary

    • BPM - Assignment 1

    • BPM Quiz 1

  • 4

    Variables, Matrices & Arrays

    • What are Variables? Why are they used?

    • Naming Rules for Variables in Matlab

    • How to create variables and assign values to variables in Matlab? How to do multiple assignment and long assignment in Matlab?

    • Ans Variable

    • What is Who & Whos command used for?

    • What are Arrays, Vectors & Matrices? - Overview

    • Matrix & Vector Examples

    • How to display values stored inside the variables in Matlab? - disp command

    • How to assign Texts & Characters to Variables?

    • Format Command in Matlab

    • BPM Assignment - Variables

    • BPM Quiz - Variables

  • 5

    Data Types

    • What are Data Types? What are the different data types available in Matlab?

    • Numeric Data Types - Overview

    • Characters and Strings - Overview

    • Dates and Time - Overview

    • Categorical Arrays - Overview

    • Tables - Overview

    • Timetables - Overview

    • Structures - Overview

    • Cell Arrays - Overview

    • Function Handles - Overview

    • Map Containers - Overview

    • Time Series - Overview

    • How to Convert Data from one type to another?

    • Data Types - Examples

    • BPM - Assignment Data Types

    • BPM Quiz - Data Types

    • Numeric Data Types - Example

  • 6

    Operators and Elementary Operations

    • What are Operators? What operations does Matlab support?

    • Arithmetic Operations in Matlab

    • What is Operator Precedence? How does it work in Matlab?

    • Arithmetic Operations - Examples

    • Relational Operations in Matlab

    • Relational Operations - Examples

    • Logical Operations in Matlab

    • Logical Operations - Examples

    • Set Operations in Matlab?

    • Bit-Wise Operations in Matlab

    • Program to calculate Area & Perimeter of a Square, Rectangle & Triangle, Area & Circumference of a Circle.

    • Program to perform Arithmetic Operation based on Comparison Outcome

    • Program to Perform Relational Operation based on Outcome of Logical Operation

    • BPM Assignment - Operators

    • BPM Quiz - Operators

  • 7

    Vector Operations

    • Vector Operations - Math behind it

    • How to perform Vector Addition & Subtraction using Matlab?

    • How to perform Scalar Operations using Matlab?

    • How to Find a Transpose of a Vector using Matlab?

    • How to calculate Magnitude of a Vector?

    • How to Append Vectors using Matlab?

    • How to perform Dot Multiplication using Matlab?

    • Vectors with Uniformly Spaced Elements

    • Vector Operations - More Examples

    • BPM Assignment - Vectors

    • BPM Quiz - Vectors

  • 8

    Matrix Operations

    • Matrix Operations - Math behind it

    • How to perform Matrix Addition & Subtraction using Matlab?

    • How to Delete Rows & Columns in Matrix?

    • How to perform Division of Matrices in Matlab?

    • How to perform Scalar Operations of Matrices using Matlab?

    • How to find a Transpose of a Matrix using Matlab?

    • How to perform Concatenation of Matrices using Matlab?

    • How to perform Matrix Multiplication using Matlab?

    • How to find Determinant of a Matrix using Matlab?

    • How to find Inverse of a Matrix using Matlab?

    • Matrix Operations - More Examples

    • BPM Assignment - Matrix

    • BPM Quiz - Matrix

  • 9


    • Array Indexing

    • Reshaping and Rearranging Arrays

    • Multidimensional Arrays

    • Special Arrays

    • A Magic Square

    • Cell Array

    • Accessing Data in Cell Arrays

    • Array Operations - More Examples

    • BPM Assignment - Arrays

    • BPM Quiz - Arrays

  • 10

    Programming and Scripts

    • Scripts

    • Live Scripts

    • Script Locations

  • 11

    Loops and Conditional Statements

    • What are Conditional Statements?

    • If..Else statements in Matlab?

    • Switch Statements in Matlab?

    • What are Loop Control Statements?

    • For loop in Matlab?

    • How to write While loop in Matlab?

    • What are Try.. Catch..End Statements & How to write them?

    • What is Parfor?

    • What is Break used for?

    • What is Continue used for?

    • What is Pause used for?

    • What is Return used for?

    • Program to Calculate Factorial of a Number.

    • Program to Display Grade of a Student based on the Test Results

    • Perform Relational Operation based on the Outcome of Logical Operation & Arithmetic Operation based on the Outcome of Relational & Logical Operation

    • BPM Assignment - Statements & Loops

    • BPM Quiz - Statements & Loops

  • 12


    • How to Call Functions in Matlab?

    • Create a Function to Calculate Power & Cube of a Matrix

    • What are Global Variables

    • What are Anonymous Functions?

    • Create an Anonymous Function to Calculate Speed of a Vehicle

    • What are Private Functions?

    • Create a Private Function Calculate Least Common Multiple (LCM) & Greatest Common Divisor (GCD)

    • What are Nested Functions?

    • Solve Simultaneous Equations using Functions within a Function

    • What are Primary and Sub Functions?

    • Solving Quadratic Equations using Primary & Sub Functions

    • BPM Assignment - Functions

    • BPM Quiz - Functions

  • 13

    2-D & 3-D Plots - Intro

    • Line Plots

    • 3-D Plots

    • Sub Plots

    • BPM Assignment - Plots

  • 14

    More Examples

    • Program to perform arithmetic operations on Complex Numbers & Plot imaginary & complex Data.

    • Program to calculate total grocery bill using data entered by the user.

  • 15


    • BPM - Project Task

    • Final Exam - BPM

  • 16

    Course Completion - Congratulations

    • Congrats! Here's what's next...

    • More resources for you

    • Before you go...

Who should enroll

Our courses are designed for the people who enjoy learning new technologies & who would love to learn and educate themselves in a fun and engaging way

  • Who are interested in or are already pursuing a career in the fields of Information Technology, Computer Science or Just Software development.

  • Who have keen interest in Mathematics, Simulation Models, Numerical Computing, Data Analysis, Data Visualisation

  • Who are interested in or are already pursuing a career in the fields of Robotics, Electrical Engineering or Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering

  • Who are into Research in Science & Engineering fields

  • Who just want to learn programming irrespective of their age


  • What is matlab?

    Matlab is a high level technical computing language used in wide variety of fields. It integrates computation, visualization, and programming in an easy-to-use environment. Matlab's basic data element is array and allows matrix manipulations, algorithm development, simulations and data analysis, Graphical user interface, plotting of functions and interfacing with programs in other languages.

  • Why to learn matlab?

    Matlab is widely used by engineers and scientists for simulations and visualisation and also due to ease of use and productive computing environment. Matlab is widely used by most educational institutes as a part of their curriculum in the various engineering and science fields.

  • Softskills for programmers

    - Problem solving
    - Communication skills
    - Team work / Collaboration
    - Research and creativity
    - Critical thinking and decision making

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