Queries related to course content

  • Is support available to students?

    Yes. Some lessons provides students access to a discussion panel within the course player which can be used to ask questions or to start a discussion with the instructor related to the lessons.

    Each course provides Students with an opportunity to have a total of 90 mins of 1 on 1 online session via zoom.

  • Student accessibility of course content

    Our courses are designed to make sure student get 100 % understanding of the topics. Hence we do not encourage students to binge watch all the videos to complete the course.

  • How are edyusaurus course content structured?

    Each course consists of Multiple Chapters. Each chapter consists of multiple lessons/Topics in the format as listed below:-
    - Video presentations
    - Audio Presentations
    - Coding Videos
    - Whiteboard teaching
    - Example videos
    - Project Videos
    - Assignments / Tasks / Quiz
    - Online 1 on 1 session of total 90 Mins

  • Are all lesson compulsory?

    All prerequisite lessons will be highlighted within the course content.

  • Are quizzes compulsory?

    Yes. Students need to score 75% in each quiz.

  • Are Assignments compulsory

    Yes. After completion of assignments student need to upload the assignments as per the instruction included with assignment questions. Assignment will be reviewed within 5 business days. Students will be able to access the next chapter after successfully uploading the assignment.

  • Certificate of Completion

    Certificate of Completion will be provided to students who meet the following requirements:-
    - 75% completion of all prerequisite lessons.
    - 75% or more score in all the quizzes.
    - Successful completion of all assignments & Projects.